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LDS Books, eBook, Girls Camp Made Easy, Vickie Hacking
Girls Camp Made Easy, Vickie Hacking

LDS Books, Book Sample, Girls Camp Made Easy
TITLE: Girls Camp Made Easy
AUTHOR: Vickie Hacking
PRICE: $12.99

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Girls Camp Made Easy, Vickie Hacking
ISBN: 978-1-59955-121-0, SIZE: 144 pages, 6" x 9", paperback
AVAILABLE: February 2008 CATEGORY: LDS Non-Fiction/Young Women (LDS Books)

Girls Camp Made Easy is a must-have for any Young Women leader who has ever felt the pressure to plan a spiritually uplifting and fun Girls Camp. The suggestions for organizing camp and establishing specific guidelines are invaluable for both new and experienced leaders. Perfect for every ward or stake camp director, this book guides you through every aspect of camp from start to finish.

This guide doesn't just give you ideas for a theme. It provides you with all kinds of ideas for each theme, like accompanying sub-themes, special activities, devotional topics, and decoration and craft ideas - all of them easy, fast, and fun. With all this and much more, Girls Camp will come together in a snap!

 Reviews -

If you have been assigned the terrifying task of organizing and managing a bunch of girls for a week long camping trip, this is a book for you. It has everything you need to plan a successful camping trip from the practical to the fun and everything in between. Girl's Camp deals with "everyday" life as well as "spiritual" life, and this book addresses both issues.

In this book a leader will be lead step-by-step along the planning route to a fun camping experience. It starts with pre-camp ideas and builds from there. This includes get-to-know-you activities to rule making, which everyone should be able to live with. Planning is key to any successful event and this includes camp.

Since themes that are fun and inviting are hard to come by, the author has wisely dedicated a whole chapter to the subject. Creative ideas on how to make the camp experience more fun and memorable without being too time consuming are also included. Some of the ideas are P.I.T (Princesses in Training), Bee Keepers (based on Gordon B. Hinckley's 6 be's), B.U.G.S. (Bringing Upright Girls to the Savior) and this is only a small sampling of the ideas. I found this chapter particularly interesting and fun.

For those of you with little experience, you may be surprised to find out that girls can eat a lot of food in a group setting; yet don't appear to do so. There are menu ideas and recipes that are easy to increase in volume, depending on the need of a group. This book covers basic Dutch Oven, Campfire and Box Oven cooking. Also there is a section on simple recipes. There is something for everyone, including the picky eater.

To obtain a great camp experience you need a schedule and opportunities to learn new things, as well as enjoy the outdoors. The author includes a basic schedule and certification tables for each year of camping. These are handier to use during camp and more convenient than the big binder that this information usually comes in.

This is a handy reference guide for leaders of Girl's Camp to have. It will make the planning and execution of that plan much easier, the memories will be better for the stress free-camping experience. This book could help leaders preparing a camp experience for both girls and for family camping trips.

—Karen Hamilton

Girls Camp Made Easy is wonderful! Vickie Hacking is so very talented and creative. She helps make our jobs so much easier.

—Marci Tanner, camp director and Young Women president



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